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Don’t Trust Anybody – Even Me — June 12, 2015

Don’t Trust Anybody – Even Me

This is the first in a series of posts explaining what to do instead of giving people like me access to your web stuff. I’ll start with your Facebook page and in my line of work this scenario is all too common. Continue reading

Web Site 101 — May 13, 2015

Web Site 101

This guide is for those of you that want to get your new web site from an idea in your head to a live site on the internet. If you’re looking to have a play around with publishing content on the internet with no relation to your new business then I’d recommend you create a site on and go no further with this guide until you decide you need a site for your specific venture. Continue reading

RSA Animate – Re-Imagining Work — May 6, 2015
It’s lonely at the top —

It’s lonely at the top

So because I don’t consider myself artistic enough to be a “web designer” but I do know how most Internet technologies are put together and function. For those reasons I called myself a “web consultant” and set about my Google ranking based on that search term but with the addition of “Salisbury” as that’s my current location.

Continue reading

— January 17, 2013

GDS continues to show the way, showing true compassion and giving credit are not things you would normally associate with any government department/web site. I applaud you and think anyone who thinks this is not the right place for this kind of post should get back into their stuffy tight lipped box.

Government Digital Service

We are shocked and saddened by the death of Aaron Swartz. Some of us at GDS were fortunate to have met him; others were involved in the many projects he worked on; all of us are in some way indebted to his legacy. As Sir Tim Berners-Lee said, ‘we have lost a mentor, a wise elder.’

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